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08/16/19 01:02 PM #57    

John Franklin

Mike, thanks for reporting on Kreg and his condition.  I'm sure the whole class will keep Kreg in our prayers for his quick recovery.  Looking forward to updates on him.  Give Kreg and Judy our best.

08/16/19 04:01 PM #58    


David Johnson


Steve White: I have a copy of the Garden of Joy Poetry Supplement 1969. I will bring it to the Wild Hike and the Avery Park picnic on Saturday. A scan of the Supplement may be downloaded on the Wordpress site I made for the Notes From 1999.


08/16/19 04:18 PM #59    

Jim Robinson

Mike, thanks for the update on Kreg Roth. I see Kreg annually at the SCI convention in Reno. Praying for a speedy recovery. Hope you can make a portion of the reunion. 


08/18/19 12:44 PM #60    

Kathleen Dodson (Kaad)

Many thanks to the planning folks who put on a fantastic weekend event! Great seeing and talking with so many of you!

08/19/19 08:13 AM #61    

Nancy Whybark (Edwards)

Ditto on Kathleen’s post on the 50th committee.  Many thanks to the planning folks who put on a fantastic weekend event! Great seeing and talking with so many of you!

08/19/19 08:27 AM #62    

Michael L. Nored

So grateful to all the folks who made this past weekend an amazing success! I Keep thinking of all the great connections, old memories from days gone past, and new memories created. Thanks to all who attended, it was such fun to share our lives once again

08/19/19 08:35 AM #63    

Michael L. Nored

So grateful to all the folks who made this past weekend an amazing success! I Keep thinking of all the great connections, old memories from days gone past, and new memories created. Thanks to all who attended, it was such fun to share our lives once again
Thanks Gary for planning the golf outing. Good times playing pasture pool on a beautiful course with Tom F, Tim S, and Eddie (OZ) K. Great to watch Bob G, Jim B, Bobbie C, Steve L, Roger T, and all the others who joined in. My prayer is that all who attended our gatherings will continue to be blessed with long years of health, fun times and great memories yet to be had! God Bless you all!🙏

08/19/19 10:13 AM #64    


Deborah Carter (Anderson)

I would like to express my gratitude to all of the classmates who worked so tirelessly on the reunion.  The planning and execution was very evident.  I felt that there were many activities provided to appeal to the vast majority of our class.

It was wonderful seeing everyone from fifty years ago!

08/19/19 12:02 PM #65    

Anne Brassfield (Hubble)

I just wanted to add my thanks to the organizers for the reunion.  I thought you all did a great job.  It was a fun weekend, with a lot of varied possibilities for participation.  What fun to reconnect with CHS chums!  Thanks, again!

08/19/19 12:36 PM #66    


Janet Phillips (McKensey)

Adding my voice to thank Tim Stover, Bob Keith, Peter Eberhardt, and the other committee stalwarts whose names I do not know.  (Would you publish them for us?)

One of the best things you did was select a great web program for sharing information.  I liked being able to "read up" on everyone and correspond with classmates ahead of the reunion, as an icebreaker of sorts for later conversations and connections.

Apparently you consulted the right crystal ball to determine which reunion dates to choose, because our weather was perfect throughout the weekend.

The "In memory"walk was a much appreciated new activity.  I was moved by our gathering in the parking lot after the hike to take a deep breath, reflect for a moment, and then take turns speaking the names of those who have preceded us to the next level.  I vote for this activity continuing to be one of our reunion activites.

"Thank you" seems hardly adequate, but it's what I've got to offer.

Best regards,


08/19/19 02:59 PM #67    

Timothy Kilian

The nutria was from rick and myself. we heaved the nutria over the cyclone fencing, and ran like hell! Ill admit Rick was a bad influence on my lovable self:) 

AND...... A great big thank you to the people who put this together!!! Seeing classmates again was truly wonderful. I just wish I was a better person back then, and not such a jerk.

I'm sorry that I didn't say hello to all I had planned to, but all of you are in my heart, and I look forward to staying in touch this time. I did manage to get some numbers for texting and to build a file of numbers. 

I definitely needed this reunion. Thank you all!


08/19/19 04:52 PM #68    

Judy Bond (Gordon)

As others have mentioned, I also felt that the reunion events were nicely planned, well-run and well-attended.  It was so touching to be able to mingle to share memories as well as current news.  I hope everyone got home safely and woke up today feeling a new closeness to old friends.  

08/19/19 05:54 PM #69    

Bradford Vincent

Yes, thank you to those who invested their time, effort and energy to plan and organize our 50th Reunion.  It was fabulous!!

- Doug Blair
- Barb Corden
- Gina Carter
- Jenna Dorn
- Terry Dunn
- Peter Eberhardt
- John Franklin
- Sally Haffner
- Bob Keith
- Dan Lind
- Jeanne Michael
- Tim Stover

Are there others?  If so, please add their names to the list.

08/19/19 06:54 PM #70    


Janet Phillips (McKensey)

Thank you, Brad, for listing the names.

Kind of fitting that your message was #69 in this series of exchanges.


08/19/19 09:59 PM #71    

Jackie McBride (Twiss)

I would like to add my thanks to all the people involved in the planning of this fabulous reunion.  It was wonderful to talk to so many classmates.  Your hard work is so appreciated!!  Jackie McBride Twiss

08/20/19 10:54 AM #72    

Karen Wheeler (Taylor)

Thank you to the Reunion Committee.  This was such a wonderful event.  Although I was not able to connect with all the classmates I had hoped to, the connections that were made were spectacular.  I am so proud to be part of the CHS Class of '69.  I think we learned this weekend that we have a moment & group to be proud to belong to.  I hope we can meet again soon.  Best to all.  Karen

08/20/19 01:17 PM #73    

Margaret Birch (Polizzo)

I too would like to add a huge thank you to the reunion committee, you did an amazing job! Also thanks to all who traveled the miles to take part in the wide variety of activities that had been so carefully planned! It was wonderful touching base with so many whom I hadn't seen since graduation.

08/20/19 11:37 PM #74    

Light (Robert) Bryant

Many thanks - and much gratitude - to Tim and all the others directly responsible for the weekend.
Even from a great distance (and just participating indirectly through the website), it seems like the event from start to finish proved to be "one for the ages".
Thank you for making it so special!

08/22/19 04:16 PM #75    

Steven Locey

I found Dave Oldfield:

08/25/19 05:46 PM #76    

Victoria Valenti (Joines)

Thank you to all who helped in putting this wonderful weekend together. So grateful to you all  Thank you,

And I can’t tell you enough how fabulous it was to see and talk to all of you that I was able to connect with in those two days. We all shared an important time in our young lives and it was so great to see everyone..





08/26/19 10:53 AM #77    

Karen Caldwell (Hogensen)

Hello all you dear friends!!!  I am now back in Austin, Texas, where I certainly enjoy living, but I will always be an Oregonian at heart!!!  It was so fun seeing our "69'er class again -- what a good turn-out, and fun/sweet group of lovely people!  I send special "THANKS" to all those that made this possible -- and hope to see everyone's smiling faces again soon!!!   Cheers,  Karen Caldwell Hogensen

08/27/19 11:17 AM #78    


Sally Ball (Haffner)

I loved our reunion.  So wonderful to catch up with so many old friends.  I am honored by all the appreciation from classmates for our reunion committee.  You guys made it all happen by attending and having a great time. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to come join us in what I consider to have been an epic event!


09/03/19 01:41 PM #79    

Wynn Fischer



What a spectacular time to be a classmate of CHS class of 1969. I had a wonderful experience re acquainting myself with you all,and am so glad I was able to attend and spend what little time we had to share catching up .My only regret was that far too many of our friends did not live long enough to share with us our merriment. Thank you Bob Keith..Your passion for our class reunion was very evident in the remarkable  job of logistical planning you and your dedicated committee of hard working classmates undertook. Their dedication towards this effort pretty much guaranteed a fantastic outcome for those of us who attended. I am not about to forget our committee members,and plan on sending each a private message (unless you ask me not to ) expressing my gratitude for your time and efforts. Hey.......keep in touch if you’re able..

09/06/19 10:28 PM #80    

Robert Keith

Many thanks to all that expressed warm responses and appreciation to the reunion committee. It was truly an honor to put this together. I never dreamed of such a talented committee coming together that leveraged off of each other strengths. True Teamwork!  Of all the research that I did on planning a "class reunion event" the one thing that stuck out the most was "not starting soon enough."  This committee came together in April of 2018 with its first meeting in May of 2018...before the reunion of '68!  That as much as anything, I contribute to the success we had...not to mention the fantastic committee members. It is heart warming to hear from classmates the great time they had during the weekend of August 16-18. 

To the class of '70.....carry on this great tradition of a fantastic 50 year reunion. We wish you nothing but the best! You were very much a part of us. 


Bob Keith

CHS '69






09/07/19 09:41 AM #81    

Dick Kennedy

Friday night, OMG! Saturday night OMG!

Thanks to the whole committee. Fantastic job! I haven't heard Oh My God so many times in 2 days. Thank you all for giving us contacts that will continue.

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