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08/19/19 09:59 PM #71    

Jackie McBride (Twiss)

I would like to add my thanks to all the people involved in the planning of this fabulous reunion.  It was wonderful to talk to so many classmates.  Your hard work is so appreciated!!  Jackie McBride Twiss

08/20/19 10:54 AM #72    

Karen Wheeler (Taylor)

Thank you to the Reunion Committee.  This was such a wonderful event.  Although I was not able to connect with all the classmates I had hoped to, the connections that were made were spectacular.  I am so proud to be part of the CHS Class of '69.  I think we learned this weekend that we have a moment & group to be proud to belong to.  I hope we can meet again soon.  Best to all.  Karen

08/20/19 01:17 PM #73    

Maggie Birch (Polizzo)

I too would like to add a huge thank you to the reunion committee, you did an amazing job! Also thanks to all who traveled the miles to take part in the wide variety of activities that had been so carefully planned! It was wonderful touching base with so many whom I hadn't seen since graduation.

08/20/19 11:37 PM #74    

Light (Robert) Bryant

Many thanks - and much gratitude - to Tim and all the others directly responsible for the weekend.
Even from a great distance (and just participating indirectly through the website), it seems like the event from start to finish proved to be "one for the ages".
Thank you for making it so special!

08/22/19 04:16 PM #75    

Steven Locey

I found Dave Oldfield:

08/25/19 05:46 PM #76    

Victoria Valenti (Joines)

Thank you to all who helped in putting this wonderful weekend together. So grateful to you all  Thank you,

And I can’t tell you enough how fabulous it was to see and talk to all of you that I was able to connect with in those two days. We all shared an important time in our young lives and it was so great to see everyone..





08/26/19 10:53 AM #77    

Karen Caldwell (Hogensen)

Hello all you dear friends!!!  I am now back in Austin, Texas, where I certainly enjoy living, but I will always be an Oregonian at heart!!!  It was so fun seeing our "69'er class again -- what a good turn-out, and fun/sweet group of lovely people!  I send special "THANKS" to all those that made this possible -- and hope to see everyone's smiling faces again soon!!!   Cheers,  Karen Caldwell Hogensen

08/27/19 11:17 AM #78    


Sally Ball (Haffner)

I loved our reunion.  So wonderful to catch up with so many old friends.  I am honored by all the appreciation from classmates for our reunion committee.  You guys made it all happen by attending and having a great time. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to come join us in what I consider to have been an epic event!


09/03/19 01:41 PM #79    


Wynn Fischer



What a spectacular time to be a classmate of CHS class of 1969. I had a wonderful experience re acquainting myself with you all,and am so glad I was able to attend and spend what little time we had to share catching up .My only regret was that far too many of our friends did not live long enough to share with us our merriment. Thank you Bob Keith..Your passion for our class reunion was very evident in the remarkable  job of logistical planning you and your dedicated committee of hard working classmates undertook. Their dedication towards this effort pretty much guaranteed a fantastic outcome for those of us who attended. I am not about to forget our committee members,and plan on sending each a private message (unless you ask me not to ) expressing my gratitude for your time and efforts. Hey.......keep in touch if you’re able..

09/06/19 10:28 PM #80    

Robert Keith

Many thanks to all that expressed warm responses and appreciation to the reunion committee. It was truly an honor to put this together. I never dreamed of such a talented committee coming together that leveraged off of each other strengths. True Teamwork!  Of all the research that I did on planning a "class reunion event" the one thing that stuck out the most was "not starting soon enough."  This committee came together in April of 2018 with its first meeting in May of 2018...before the reunion of '68!  That as much as anything, I contribute to the success we had...not to mention the fantastic committee members. It is heart warming to hear from classmates the great time they had during the weekend of August 16-18. 

To the class of '70.....carry on this great tradition of a fantastic 50 year reunion. We wish you nothing but the best! You were very much a part of us. 


Bob Keith

CHS '69






09/07/19 09:41 AM #81    

Dick Kennedy

Friday night, OMG! Saturday night OMG!

Thanks to the whole committee. Fantastic job! I haven't heard Oh My God so many times in 2 days. Thank you all for giving us contacts that will continue.

09/22/19 08:35 PM #82    


Judy Milbrath (Fitzgibbons)

Wow! It's been a whole month since the reunion and I'm wishing I'd taken more pictures. Like all of the previous comments, kudos to the planning committee for creating a wonderful series of events giving us opportunities to connect. Thanks, also, for the recent committee photo. What a good-looking group!

Just wondering--would it be possible for someone (or several people) from each of the grade schools to identify classmates in the grade school photos?  That would be really helpful for looking at the pictures in the galleries. Sorry folks, but most of us just don't resemble those senior year yearbook clips very well.

Hoping to keep in touch-Judy Milbrath Fitzgibbons

09/25/19 02:17 PM #83    

Janet Furtick (Raschke)

I would like to add my deep thanks to all the others for the incredible organization of our reunion committee.  The weekend was full of fun, comradery, and the food was great too.  The idea of the elementary pictures was genius and another way to make contact with those who we hadn’t seen yet.  Also, I thank all our classmates who were able to be there.  It’s hard to express how wonderful the weekend was but now I have a little corner inside me filled with the joy of our reunion.  On down days I’ve been able to pull out the joy and make my day smile.

Another reason to be grateful for the reunion is the timing of spending two good days with my brother Randy, who many of know.  Less than a week later he had a stroke and was gone. 

Since this weekend was so memorable I’d like to suggest that we do as some of the other classes and have a yearly picnic.  August seems to be our favored time but most of us don't have to worry about school times.  Maybe we can set the 2nd or 3rd Saturday/Sunday as our date.  Anyone else interested?



11/06/19 10:56 AM #84    

Cathy Harwood (Jenson)

Has anyone ordered the class reunion DVD?  I ordered mine in mid September and I still have not received it.  Mr. Raines cashed my check shortly after I mailed it to him.  I called him and he said he was having issues getting it finished but I think he has gotten that resolved and said it should be mailed out by the weekend.  That was on October 30th.  Hopefully it will get here before the week ends.  Since I missed this reunion, I am looking forward to getting it.  I was unable to recognize some of the classmates posted in the photos.  I was happy to hear the 50th reunion was a success.

11/07/19 10:26 AM #85    

Dick Kennedy

I have not received my DVD as well.

11/07/19 12:39 PM #86    

Bradford Vincent

Same here, I ordered the DVD but haven't received it yet.  But am still resonating from the wonderful time we had during the Reunion!

11/07/19 06:15 PM #87    

Rebecca Butler (Randazzo)

I haven't received my DVD either. My check was also cashed months ago. Hmmm?

11/08/19 05:51 PM #88    

Cathy Harwood (Jenson)

I guess I had finally waited long enough for the DVD so I called Mr. Raines tonight and told him I didn't want the DVD and to send me a refund.  He said he would put a check in the mail this weekend. Uh huh!!  It didn't sound like the DVD's were in the mail yet but that they would all be going out at the same time.  Hopefully you will all be receiving yours soon.  Enjoy.

11/09/19 11:00 AM #89    

Tim Stover

I am responding to the message forum thread on behalf of the local reunion planning team regarding the status of DVDs of our class reunion event.  I begin with an apology for the delay in the distribution of the DVDs to those of you who ordered them.  We did not have a formal contractual relationship with Richard Raines, owner of Raines Video Productions.  On the recommendation of the CHS Class of 1968 who utilized his services for their 50th reunion in August of 2018, we made his service available to our class members.  We did provide a list of addresses from our database with the understanding that he would only contact, directly, those whom he met at the reunion and who confirmed their willingness to receive a letter and order form for the dvd from him. To my knowledge, he did not violate that promise.  I also sent an email to the whole class (through this website)  notifying them of this opportunity so classmates who did not attend the reunion could access the dvd.

My last direct communication with Richard was an email I received from him on September 4th following the reunion.  In that email he indicated that he was in final production on our class dvd and that he anticipated shipping them the following week.  It is clear that did not happen.  Subsequent emails and phone calls to Richard in this matter have not been returned.

Reviews from Yelp and Better Business Bureau (Portland, OR) are mixed.   It seems clear that Richard has a problem with providing accurate estimates for time frames in which DVDs will be shipped.  It consistently takes much longer than most of us would expect and any promises he does make (as referenced above) also seem to be consistently wrong.  Here are links for these reviews:

Some of the reviews indicate that, while the wait time was frustrating, they were pretty happy with the final product.  For those who are not interested in the protracted waiting period, he offers refunds.  You will see some of this referenced in the reviews alongside some of his own responses to complaints - particularly on the BBB site.

I know that at least of a couple of our classmates have tried and/or made direct contact with Richard and it seems results are in line with some of the complaints above.  I would be interested in any feedback you can provide to me in terms of such direct responses.  As one of the complaints online says, "Well, he found time to cash my check."  Obviously this is a pretty frustrating business model.  Given that I am not having any better luck in my communications with Richard, I am not sure what more to say at this point.  We will continue our efforts at contacting him on your behalf.  Those of you who are willing may also contact him directly at:

Richard Raines, Raines Video Productions,  mail address: 818 SW 3rd Ave., Portland, OR  97204-2405

Business Address:  1749 SW  Terrace Drive, Portland, OR   97201

email:  rcvp@aol-com

Phone:  503-274-9635


Maybe "crowd-sourcing" this concern will be fruitful.  Thank you!

Timothy Stover



11/09/19 05:49 PM #90    

Cathy Harwood (Jenson)

Thanks for the information Tim.  Mr. Raines did violate his promise not to contact people who were not at the reunion.  I am OK with that..  He sent a letter with the offer of purchasing a dvd and I responded by sending him a check.  Now I am waiting to see if I get the refund I requested on Friday.  He said he would send it out this weekend.  That seems to be his patented answer.  The weekend!!  I called him three times and he answered twice so I guess I have been luckier than some.     

11/10/19 01:48 PM #91    

Tim Stover

Thank you for checking back, Cathy.  Please do let me know the status of the check.  Since I posted the message we have heard back from the member of the class of 1968 who had referred us to Richard and he acknowledged that the delivery timeline was also protracted for them - but it eventually happened and people seemed to be happy with the results.  And I appreciate your feedback about Richard violating the agreement we had around contacts from our database.  Not sure what I/we can do at this point but I will probably post Better Business Bureau and Yelp comments.  Shalom,  Timothy

11/13/19 02:48 PM #92    

Gino Harrison

I received my DVD video today.

11/13/19 06:53 PM #93    

Tim Stover

I received a phone call from Richard Raines of Raines Video Productions this afternoon announcing that he had mailed out the Class Reunion DVDs last weekend.  So they are in the mail.  Thanks to Gino for checking in to let us know that he received his.  If you have not received your ordered DVD in due time, please contact Richard Raines directly (see my previous message forum post with his contact details).  Thank you for your patience!  Timothy Stover

11/18/19 06:51 PM #94    

Bradford Vincent

I finally received the DVD.  Haven't reviewed it completely yet, but so far it looks great! 

01/12/20 07:09 PM #95    

Light (Robert) Bryant

This is not directly related to past threads, but this afternoon (out of the blue) I had a recollection regarding Joe Malango - whose recent death many of us have commented upon and mourned.

In our senior year in Joe's drama class we had a student who (I think) had just transferred to Corvallis from Virgina.  I don't recall her name, but she was fairly short, very sweet and good-natured, and very good looking.

She had a pretty strong southern accent, and as a result Joe would frequently (regularly) refer to her as, or address her as,  "Shake and Bake."

Although it would probably long ago have become politically incorrect to do so (and probably offensive at the least), Joe meant it to tease her (as he did with practically everyone in the class).  She took it good naturedly and graciously.

At the time I thought it was very funny - but not in a mean way.  I think she may have had her own come-backs for Joe (although I don't recall).

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