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Debby Baron

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05/08/19 01:58 PM #1    

Mary Lou Beemer

Debby Baron and I were good friends in grade school and junior high.  Debby went to the Catholic grade school while I went to Franklin but we played together after school a lot in grade school.  We were in Blue Birds and Camp Fire Girls together in grade school and junior high.  She was a sensitive, artistic and talented person.  Debby was an excellent creative writer.  In 7th grade at Highland View we played in a small band together.  I remember we played "Louie Louie" at a 7th grade party at Highland View.  We were both Beatles fans in junior high and we were thrilled when we took photos of the Beatles on our television sets when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sulivan show.  Debby liked to wasterski and spent many fun weekends with her family waterskiing at Trangle Lake.  It is hard to believe that she passed away so man years ago.

06/01/19 10:07 AM #2    

David Johnson

Debby died in 1972.

08/14/19 11:57 PM #3    

Light (Robert) Bryant

She was a very special, gifted, and distinctive young lady. Her very sad death at such a young age still is haunting to remember.

She would undoubtedly have achieved and created so much given a normal lifespan.

08/15/19 11:31 AM #4    

Barbara (Bj) Fischer (Strickland-McAtee)

I have never forgotten Debby and then how she died has haunted me. Sometimes these things happen, I believe. Apparently she was a juvenile diabetic needing shots every day. She was driving with her fiancee/boyfriend somewhere in an isolated area with cliffs, I do not know in which state or here in OR, when her blood sugar got low.  She opened a can of pop and it exploded all over the windshield causing her boyfriend to drive off a cliff. By the time they were found she had died of a diabetic coma. I have always felt that she was taken before she achieved her life's purpose.  RIP Debby.




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