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Dennis McLagan

Dennis died in an experimenmental airplane crash September 19, 1981 near his home north of Corvallis. He built the plane and flew it most every day after work. Powered by a Volkswagen engine an acrobatic loop failed and our classmate was gone. He was 30. Beside a viewing there was no public service. (provided by Scott Reese)

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08/10/19 08:34 AM #1    

Chris Leman

Dennis McLagan died in the early 1980s. I believe it was in a small plane crash.  I spoke with his mother by phone a few months afterward.  Losing him was worsened by her sadness that he had not lived to become a father. 

I believe that Dennis had been working in his family's saw sharpening business.  He was an admirable person with an incredible work ethic. 

I particularly remember Dennis' determination as a member of Highland View Junior High's track and field team.  Although short and a little stocky, he was a superb hurdler, with long-practiced perfect form that he really needed to clear those hurdles!  I believe that he also competed in the shot put, squeezing every ounce of strength out of his compact but solid frame.  

Dennis, rest in peace.

08/11/19 01:58 PM #2    

Sally Ball (Haffner)

I remember Dennis McLagan.  As I recall he was flying above his parents business park in Lewisburg doing aerial stunts.  He crashed and died as a result.  All I could think of how hard it must have been for his Mom to see him crash.  Chris please correct me if I am wrong on the details.  Prior to his accident for some reason I saw him up at the restaurant in Rickreal next to the fairgrounds.  I sat next to him and he was extremely self conscious because I was 9 months pregnant!

08/11/19 08:00 PM #3    

Stephen Frolander

Sally , you are right on the details, crashed below the trailer park. Dennis was new in my old neighbor hood , having bought a house , down the hill from my parents house, where my Mom still lives. I fondly recollect Dennis on my little league base ball team at Jefferson Elementary School and watching him in amasement , run the bases as his feet went up and down faster than any human I had ever seen , not a long stride , but boy could he pick em up and put em down. That and his talent at the piano, playing while dancing,- made Jerry Lee Lewis look sedated. Miss that guy.

08/12/19 12:09 PM #4    

Barbara (Bj) Fischer (Strickland-McAtee)

I grew up with Dennis as I grew up in Lewisburg also. I started losing touch with him in Highland View Middle School but we were close in grade school. We reconnected as adults and spent some time together in the late 70's. I believe he died in 1978 or 1979. This is based on the time frame that I was working graveyard at a veneer plant and on friday I would go to his home and doze on the couch while he played the piano.  He had a built a kit plane and loved doing acrobatic moves in the air. The old neighborhood would watch him and feel we were watching a graceful bird. He had his own landing strip in back of the family home and business.  One day he estimated wrong and was not able to pull out of his dive in time. I met friends and neighbors at his viewing and we were all in shock. Everyone now has passed that could remember his year of passing and I can only guess because of our activities together towards the end.  RIP my dear friend.


08/12/19 08:00 PM #5    

Sally Ball (Haffner)

I believe Dennis died in 1979.  I was pregnant when I saw him at the restaurant in Rickreal.  I had my son late June of 1979.  So I saw Dennis probably a couple of weeks before then.  I remember reading in the paper about his plane accident by the Trailer Park in the GT.  He and Bill Harris died young in small plane accidents. I believe he was spraying the vegetation by Odell Lake.  My girlfriends used to keep their horses at his Mom’s house on Glenridge.  

08/12/19 08:02 PM #6    

Sally Ball (Haffner)

Dennis probably died in the early 80’s.  I had just seen him June 1979

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